Medusa Complex


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An Emo/Punk outfit formed in San Antonio TX. Comprised of three individuals who share a passion for writing music and sharing it with the people who are willing to hear them out. Music is an avenue for them to tell their stories. Express their thoughts. Vent to the void. It's a place that makes sense in such a chaotic world.

Forming in 2019 gigging under the name Medusa Complex. Playing locals shows in bars, garages and records stores all around the San Antonio area. They came up with enough material to cut an EP. So they reached out to a friend at Lights Out Studio and recorded Dissociation. Their first EP as Medusa Complex. They released Dissociation on Saturday January 4th 2020. The EP has been received well from peers and music journalist Chris Conde from the "San Antonio Current". They have been gigging consistently since, and are looking forward to the next opportunity.